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Product Information : ATE - Ready
Simutest announces the ATE-Ready. The ATE-Ready is a pattern conversion and verification software that accepts functional test vectors in the VCD/EVCD or tabular format as inputs and generates cyclized test vectors in the industry standard test vector formats such as WGL or STIL. The ATE-Ready software has built-in capability to analyze the input test vectors against the tester capabilities and restrictions to ensure that the generated WGL or STIL files are compatible with the target ATE. In addition, the ATE-Ready software also provides capability to playback the cyclized vectors in the Verilog simulation to validate that the generated WGL or STIL files meet the design intent.

The use of the ATE-Ready software improves the productivity and time to market by helping the design engineers eliminate multiple iterations that are common between the fab-less design companies and foundries as well in global IDM environment.
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