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Product Information : Release Manager
  • Production programs differ from released test programs?
  • Paper getting lost or misplaced and e-mails getting deleted?
  • No automated method to process changes?
  • Collection of necessary documents for a release tedious and time consuming?
  • Inconsistent communication between groups (i.e. Design, Test, QA, and Product Engineers)
  • Test and production facilities off site?

Are change and data management issues adversely affecting your product quality and release cycle?

A product designed to meet the challenging and unique requirements of the manufacturing test environment by combining the elements of Change Management, Version Control, Release Management and Project Control into a single, unified system.
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  • Significant productivity and process improvement over current methods.
  • Greater management visibility and control over process (ie. who did what, when, and why)
  • Improved communication between departments and within groups.
  • Uniform procedures for everyone in release cycle.
  • Reduced learning time and dependency on individuals.
  • A completely paperless system with a secure repository.
  • Accelerating product and test development by reducing the amount of rework resulting from use of incorrect version of files (faster)
  • Enabling the reuse of components and encouraging collaborative development among geographically dispersed teams (better)
  • Reducing test and development costs by effective management of resources (cheaper)
Integrated Change Management and Version Control system
  • Capability of capturing & managing any type of file
  • Access control to data and changes based on "roles"
  • Automated email notification triggered by events and actions
  • Support of parallel development activities via "branch and merge"
  • Compare process that displays differences between files in either GUI or text based output
Change Request system
  • An easy-to-use GUI interface that documents, monitors, and communicates all types of request for change
  • Automated email notification to inform users about new and updated change requests
  • Configurable set of "states" for change request that reflect their status (i.e open, fixed, closed)
  • Uses several templates for different manufacturing environments
  • A "baseline" template for documenting test program execution and functionality
  • Robust report generation facility
Release Management Process
  • Provides a means to collect and "release" to a defined target
  • Report mechanism that details content and related changes from previous versions
  • Releases that contains specified files and directories that are delivered either via email or FTP
  • Checklists that ensure all tasks that need to completed prior to a release are "signed-off"