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Product Information : SiliconDebug
The SiliconDebug is a software product that maps the ATE captured data log of silicon failures into the design environment. For graphical viewing of silicon failures, the ATE-debug software generates a VCD file. User has flexibility to select the signals and time intervals for display. E.g. the VCD file may contain waveforms for all device pins or waveforms for only the failing pins or waveforms for the selected pins during the fail time interval(s). Additionally, the compare module of the SiliconDebug software compares and reports the differences between the source simulation patterns with silicon captured patterns or ATE stored patterns in a text report file.

The SiliconDebug software accepts ATE Captured fail data log and ATE pattern files along with an optional user control file as inputs. The ATE data log (silicon failures) are analyzed and processed to create a Fail database (Fail-DB). A post-processor module reads the Fail-DB and produces VCD file. The Compare module compares Fail-DB with source simulation patterns and produces a mis-match report file.
Silicon Debug
Ability to view and map the ATE captured silicon failures in the design environment allows the designers to quickly identify and resolve issues thus speeding up overall silicon debug cycle and improving design-test communication and productivity.
  • Identifies the differences between model and silicon.
  • Identifies the differences between simulation test patterns versus ATE patterns.
  • Allows graphical viewing of ATE fails in the design environment.
  • Provides textual reports of differences and silicon fails.
  • Faster Silicon Debug.
  • Improved Time To Market
  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced Test Costs