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Product Information : Rule Analyzer
Rule Analyzer is a test vector analysis product that can be used to analyze simulation or ATPG generated test vectors against a set of user defined rules. The Rule Analyzer product can be used in either design or test environment to identify compatibility of design test vectors against a particular test methodology or target ATE capabilities and restrictions. Additionally, the Rule Analyzer may also be used to detect the compliance of test vectors against the device datasheet timing specifications. The Rule Analyzer reports the nature of the violation along with signal name(s) and simulation event time(s) where the rule violation(s) were found.

To a design engineer, the Rule Analyzer provides a window into the ATE world, where as, to a test engineer, it provides a window into the simulation environment thereby facilitating communication between design and test, reducing iterations which reduces silicon debug and frees up the tester time for production.
Device Datasheet Timing specifications ATE Rules Test methodology Rules
  • Setup / hold times
  • Clock period
  • Pulse width
  • Hold time
  • Delay
  • Frequency
  • Time sets
  • Timing edges
  • Number of pins
  • Pattern memory
  • Toggle detect
  • Signal formats
  • Legal states
  • Simultaneous switching