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Product Information : Verifier
Automating The ATE Test Program Development And Validation Process


The Verifier vector translator is a comprehensive and full featured automatic test program development tool. It continues to be the latest in the test automation technology and efficiently meets the challenges associated with converting simulation / ATPG test vectors into various tester formats. The Verifier addresses both time to market as well as improved design to manufacturing productivity. It includes features that allow design and test engineers to collaborate, quickly generate and verify ATE test programs for more than 70 models from most major ATE systems including those from Advantest, Agilent, Teradyne, LTX, and NEXTEST.

Designers using the unique “playback mode” capability can seamlessly integrate Verifier into their design flow and verify that the converted ATE vectors can be reverified in the original design environment to significantly reduce post-silicon debug time.
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